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Why South Africa is the Perfect Repeat-visit Travel Destination

Why South Africa is the Perfect Repeat-visit Travel Destination

When it comes to a country with such diverse heritage, cuisines, landscapes and cultures, one trip to South Africa is not nearly enough for the avid traveller. Around every corner lies a new experience to be had, vastly different from the next.

South Africa’s culture is deeply rooted in a unique narrative of struggle, triumph, diversity and togetherness. This awareness of the past and appreciation of the present is prevalent in all aspects of South African life. Finding the beauty in the everyday is ingrained in the local mentality, and this is only one of a myriad of reasons why a first-time traveller would feel compelled to return.

Diversity of flora and fauna

The Cape floral kingdom represents less than 0.5% of the topographical area of Africa, but is home to nearly 20% of the continent’s floral species. The variety of wildlife on offer makes it almost impossible to fully appreciate the vast beauty in a single trip, with each landscape providing an entirely different environment; a plethora of options for the keen traveller.

There are only 17 countries in the world that are classed as mega-diverse in terms of its fauna, flora and the amount of species unique to that country, and none as easily travelable as South Africa. If lush winelands and world class wines are what you’re after, the Cape winelands stretch from the rugged mountains and slopes of the coastal region to the unspoilt plains of the Klein Karoo, each region offering a unique marriage of terroir and style.

Travelling into the heart of the country, there is an unparalleled offering of wildlife sanctuaries such as the Kruger National Park and Addo Elephant Park. From the barren beaches of the skeleton coastline to the lush vibrancy of Namaqualand after the rains, one is simply spoiled for choice.

Outdoor living

By comparison to countries in the northern hemisphere, South African winters are relatively mild, and summers provide plenty of sunshine for outdoor frolicking. An outdoor braai (barbeque on an open fire) is one of the cornerstones of South African hospitality unique to the nation and adopted by visitors from all over the world.

The beaches and adventure tourism on offer provide limitless entertainment. From cage diving with great white sharks in Cape Town to teeing off at one of the world’s best golf courses in amongst the wildlife, this multi-dimensional country delivers genuine and exciting experiences at every turn.

Stay in any kind of environment you choose, incorporating the outdoor, authentic lifestyle into your stay. From top hotels, guest houses, B&Bs and game lodges, to farm stays, backpackers and township overnighters, handpick your SA experience.

History and cultural diversity

The mixing pot of languages, ethnicities, cultures and traditions in South Africa make it an incredibly unique country. Every province, city, town and suburb is vastly different to its neighbour, all 55 million people cohabitating the land they love. With 11 official languages, the most in the world, there is a reason SA is called the Rainbow Nation.

With diversity having been the country’s bone of contention for years during the apartheid era, the power of forgiveness as demonstrated by the iconic Nelson Mandela echoes across the land and has become a beacon of hope for many nations. The range of world-class museums in the country offer tourists a glimpse into the challenges of the past, frozen in time, and the heroes who overcame them. The District Six Museum and Iziko South African Museum in Cape Town, and Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, are excellent stops for visitors looking to immerse themselves in the heritage of the country.

Wine and cuisine

In 1994, South African wine burst onto the world stage post-apartheid. To many European and American wine drinkers African wine was a strange concept, but the Cape’s climactic conditions simulate those of the old wine countries, and incredibly fine wines that compete globally are produced there. The South African wine culture is perfectly tailored for the social drinker, with wine tastings along the numerous Cape wine routes becoming the local outing of choice.

As for the gastronomy, one finds a fusion and adoption of global cuisines in the homes and local eateries of the country. Visit the typical South African household for a meal of braaivleis (grilled meat), bobotie (curried ground meat with an egg layer baked on top) or potjiekos (stew cooked in a cast-iron pot over coals); all authentic, hearty meals served with warmth and generosity. Alternatively, indulge in the world-class fine dining establishments. The Test Kitchen in Cape Town,  Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient in Pretoria and La Colombe in Cape Town have all established their position as leaders of food innovation and impeccable service in the world of gourmet food.

It is no wonder that South Africa has the highest repeat tourism of any long-haul destination in the world.

All this and more awaits the discerning traveller.

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