On flying safaris, the light aircrafts that charter guests only permit 8 kg of luggage per person. Only pack a few items of light and preferably cotton clothing for your stay in the bush. Clothing should be in neutral colours e.g. khaki, beige or bush green.

Don’t forget to bring a hat & sunblock! In winter, make sure to take warm clothing as the mornings can be very cold and the evenings cool.

Most hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs and even lodges, in the middle of the bush, will have laundry facilities which can be accessed at a nominal fee.

Things to remember about going on safari:

  • You will be waking up early.
    The best time for viewing game is the early hours of the morning, when the reserve wakes up and starts to come to life. Don’t worry, you’ll be back by breakfast.
  • Each game drive is different.
    No two game drives will ever be the same since you’re dealing with wild animals in a non-controlled environment. You won’t ever see the exact same things if you go on multiple game drives.
  • You’re not guaranteed to see anything.
    While most animals do have a general territory that they stick to, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll see them in it.
  • Make sure you have a long lens camera.
    Your Game Ranger will get you as close as he can, within your safety, to the wildlife. A long lens camera helps you capture those animals that are just beyond a standard camera reach.

What to wear:

Light, cotton clothing in light tones: many first time visitors arrive in South Africa and stick out because they look like a safari cliché

Long sleeved shirt and trousers

A lightweight waterproof jacket

A good pair of trainers or hiking shoes

A wide brimmed hat